Skill Exp: Rock Crabs


In this article of Skill Exp, I'm going show you how to "rock crab"

First off, Rock Crabs are lvl 13 with low str, def, and attack, and really uubber high hitpoints (50). This means even lower levels can train on them (although if you are lvl 20 or lower, train on something else). They exist north of Rellakka (no quest required), and if you haven't done Fremmenik Trials, you can bank on Peer the Seer. Simple, right?

I'd say these crabs give you a good 20k xp per hour. Thats not too bad. There are plenty of them, and because this is a multicombat zone, you can line 'em up and sit back and relax. At lvl 71 with rune armor, they hit ones on me every 10 minutes or so. Don't bring food if you are high enough to absorb the damage.

Like I said, They give you a solid 20-25k exp per hour. Remember that you have to walk near them, then they'll attack. Bring your best weapon. With a whip they'd probably give you 50k xp per hour.

The drops aren't bad, and they do drop a fairly good amount of charms (crimson, green, and gold). You can also take the oyster pearls, which can be fletched into bolt heads. There is also a small but good chance (if you're power lvling) that you'll get a lvl 1 clue scroll (really rare drop). Ironicaly I got a clue scroll drop on my first crab :D

There are two sides of the fence, but I'd stay on the left side, in rellaka, because there are more crabs. If there are too many people you can switch sides easily.
As this is a popular place, it does get VERY crowded, even in worlds with only 400 or less players. Finding the right world will litterally save you hours if you are power lvling.
For lower level players, there are a few agressive lvl 48 (hobgoblins) on the "peninsula" area. If you're high lvl, they aren't a big deal.
If the rock crabs stop attacking you, don't panic. Run to the helmet shop and back to refresh. This is a preventative feature against macros.
Beware! This place is full of noobs. Below is how not to be one

How Not to be a Rock Crab Noob (This is very important!):
1. Stay to your crab if there are a bunch of players in the area. Don't pick up multiple crabs and complain if someone steals one or two.
2. Just because this is a multicombat zone, doesn't mean that you can go around attacking other people's crabs (called kill stealing). You need to get your own crab. Besides, it's much better xp.
3. Rangers: We know that you guys want to lvl up as fast as possible, but respect the melees. Don't attack other people's crabs because you don't want to take the 1 damage that might ocasionally hit you. Besides, training on other people's crabs is really bad xp.
4. Magers: For some reason, magers aren't that big of a problem, despite having weaker armor. But same as rangers, no kill stealing. (rock crabs do have an ok amount of magic def, so this isn't a great place to train anyways).
5. This is very important: Do not use a multicannon in the rock crab area! Yes, it is a multi-combat zone, and yes, it is your training, but other people are training too. Multicannons prevent hard working players from getting there exp. If someone complains, TAKE IT DOWN. This is the worst, most offensive form of kill stealing.

Hope this helped!

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